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Print Control Software

The paperless office is not going to happen.

Paper remains the preferred way for businesses to convey information. And for workers who donít think your companyís networked communal printers provide sufficient privacy and convenience, personal desktop printers remain their preferred way for getting ideas onto paper. Itís a preference that wastes money, time and resources every time they hit the print key.

Now you can reduce print waste and costs while at the same time providing all the printing security and convenience employees need

With Print Control Software you can track, analyze, allocate and, if necessary, recover the costs of every document that any employee sends to any networked printer, copier or multi-function device.

  • Reduce the expense of equipment over-buying and under-use
  • Direct output to the most efficient device
  • Eliminate unauthorized printing and copying
  • Enforce quotas on color output
  • Allocate output costs to users, departments, projects or clients
  • Protect document security and confidentiality
  • Learn exactly how printers and copiers are being used
  • Reduce IT support requirements

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